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SCCI takes an aggressive, entrepreneurial approach to its work. We have developed a management approach that enables us to take on the difficult projects that other contractors won't. We deliver the highest quality work under the most demanding circumstances, including uncompromising schedules and challenging locations.

Our management approach enables us to deliver welded steel tanks much faster than other contractors. In fact, we can compete on schedule with bolted tank suppliers, who have traditionally sold the speed of their installation as a key advantage of their tanks.

Because SCCI knows water, we can also work with customers on other components of their water systems, particularly intake/outtake pipelines and water mixing systems; e.g. Flex-Tend connections to upgrade the survivability of a tank in an earthquake and Tide-Flex check valves for integral tank mixing systems.

So, if you're interested in building new tanks or upgrading existing ones, give us a call. Or better yet, fill out the project information form on this website to get a complementary budget estimate for Your Project.

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P.O. Box 2849 Santa Maria, CA 93457
Toll Free:+1 800 292 6260
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Barry Matchett | Division Manager:
Telephone:+1 800 292 6260
FAX:+1 805 934 4432

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SCCI is licensed to operate in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

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