New Tanks - Welded Steel vs. Bolted

Experts seem to agree that the debate over welded tanks vs. bolted tanks will never be resolved. There are pros and cons to each type of tank. We create both AWWA-D100 welded and AWWA-D103 bolted steel water tanks. Our specialty is in the fabrication of welded steel tanks in difficult locations.

Spiess Construction Company Inc. has installed and will continue to install both welded and bolted tanks. We do have a preference for welded steel tanks. To learn why, visit the Research section of our website.

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Steel Tank Retrofit Services

Reroofing of steel backwash tank Typically there are three general types of retrofits / upgrades: seismic, structural and safety. SCCI also offers tank recoating and repainting services that can add years of useful life to your existing welded or bolted steel tanks. Give us a call or simply fill out our Project Quotation Form today and an SCCI Representative will contact you.

Seismic Modifications

  • Concrete ring wall foundations
  • Anchoring to prevent tank uplift
  • Structural bracing for tank stiffening
  • Flex-tend connectors for piping
  • Under-tank piping relocation
  • Overflow pipe modifications
  • Bottom drain line modification

Structural Mods and Repairs

  • Bottom, rafter, or roof replacement
  • New shell manways
  • Flush-type cleanouts
  • State of art mixing systems
  • Liquid level indicator installations
  • Flanged exhaust vents
  • Steel repairs, patches, and welds

Installation a Tide-Flex check valve by RedValve SCCI specialized in adding new shell nozzles, sampling taps, and internal mixing and circulation systems to prevent stagnation and stratification in low flow tanks. SCCI is now the only factory-authorized installation contractor in California, Nevada, and Arizona for the Tide-Flex check valves manufactured by the Red Valve Company. Their state-of-the-art mixing system can be explored by visiting
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Safety Modifications

Emergency Digester Dome Roof repair on steel tank - City of Wasco, CA
  • Upgrade to current OSHA standards
  • Ladder and cage replacement
  • Safety climb devices
  • Anti-climb covers
  • Roof hatch enclosures
  • Safety cable systems
  • Improved tank venting
  • Perimeter barrier systems

Tank Recoating

Steel reservoir tank Painted camouflage to blend in with the Burton Mesa chaparral environment.
  • AWWA D-102 Standard tank recoating and repainting
  • Removal, disposal of lead paint and hazardous metals
  • Dehumidification systems to shorten cure time
  • Full containment systems when required
  • Washdown, disinfection, bacteria and VOC testing