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Secure water storage has never been more important. Communities need to protect their drinking water, fire departments need a stable and survivable water supply, and water districts need reliable storage systems that are cost effective. At Spiess Construction Company, Inc., we specialize in the construction and renovation of welded and bolted tanks that safeguard stored water.
Welded Steel Tanks vs. Bolted Tanks Welded vs. Bolted Tanks The debate about the relative merits of welded versus bolted tanks still continues. In order to satisfy our customers needs and desires, we are able to offer both welded and bolted steel tanks.
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Welded Steel Tank Retrofit and Upgrade Retrofit and Upgrades Typically there are three general types of retrofits / upgrades: seismic, structural, and safety. SCCI also has tank re coating and repainting services available.
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Mixing and Sampling Systems width= Mixing and Sampling Systems Placing the inlet and outlet nozzles of water storage reservoirs on opposing sides of the tank shell was for years considered to be the optimum arrangement to achieve good water blending. Is this still true?
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Welded Steel Tank Assembly
About SCCI Tanks
SCCI is a general engineering construction firm, centrally located in Santa Maria, CA. We are licensed to operate in California, Arizona, and Nevada.

Water tanks have been our business since 1977. Over the past 25 years, we have built or renovated hundreds of steel tanks, ranging from small 30K gallon tanks to upgrades on 12M gallon capacity reservoir We have also built jet fuel storage tanks for the U.S. Military.

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